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beset nashville wedding photographer

Maybe you knew, maybe you didn’t, but every package booked with HOP includes printed images.

No, it’s not 1992. Yes, you read that correctly. Every. Single. Package. Weddings, families, all of ’em. There’s nothing more exciting than a delivery to my doorstep of photos. And I get just as excited when they’re client’s photos delivered that I get to package up beautifully and mail out. Also, who doesn’t love getting mail that’s not bills?!

I grew up in a family that printed photos. I was always a photo kid. Remember those old wind-up cameras and 35mm film? My parents developed more rolls of those than they probably should have. I would pull out mom and dad’s photo albums and go through them for hours on a rainy day. My bedroom growing up was overflowing with prints. I love seeing moments frozen in time. The emotion that can bring you right back there. Photos passed down from my grandparents and great-grandparents.
beset nashville wedding photographer

You Can’t Pass Down a Facebook Album

1. You can’t pass down Facebook albums to your children. You just can’t! As a millennial, I TOTALLY understand wanting to share your wedding or family session photos on social media. I do! I love sharing photos from my own family’s photo sessions with friends and followers. However, think of the future and your future children. Can you pass down those shared images to them? Can you hand over a Facebook album for them to keep and cherish forever? You can’t! Technically once you upload those images to Facebook, Facebook or Instagram owns the images. This is my #1 reason why all of my packages include printed images.

You Likely Won’t Print

2. You’re not likely to print your own images. Yes, you read that correctly. Although you may think, ‘Well, of course I’m going to print these digital images!’ however, I’ve done my research and through testimony from others, there are SO many brides who still haven’t printed the photos from their wedding! Think of it like this: you receive your photos, hit the download button, upload to Facebook, share a few over the year on Instagram, but think “I’ll order the prints this weekend.” until this weekend is pushed off for year after year. And the idea that you’ll create your own heirloom wedding album? Well, you’re even more unlikely to do that on your own!
Having spoken with bride after bride who’s own photographers only supplied them with digital images, they ALL said they wished they had less digitals and more printed photos.

Photos Belong Hanging on Your Walls

3. I am a firm believer that your photos belong hanging on the walls of your home. And not just Walmart or CVS or Shutterfly printed photos. No, quality, professional photos and canvas prints. I use our family photos to decorate our home, and I truly want the same for my clients. I believe that family photos belong hanging on the walls of your home, and that they can make a house feel a bit homier. I also believe that heirloom albums, ones you can pull out year after year or that reside on your coffee table for guests to view are priceless. These tangible items are what you can take away from a session. Long after the likes and comments on photos on social media are over, you’ll still have the photos on your walls.


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