I'm a Nashville, TN based wedding and family photographer and videographer with big dreams a sweet little fam. On weekends where I'm not capturing a love story, you'll probably find me soaking up my time creating memories with my husband and our two (soon to be three!) children. And I probably have a glass of red wine in hand and some music playing in the background. 

My kids inspire me daily: to be a better person, to laugh a little more, and to soak in these quickly-passing moments (if you're a momma, you get me!)  The inspiration for the name Harp & Olive came from my oldest two children's names (sorry, kiddo #3, you're still just as loved, I promise). 

What's a wedding or family session like with me? Well, I hope you like to laugh, get silly, and have a whole lotta fun in the process as we create beautiful, authentic moments together! My couples and families value family, love each other, and crave a little adventure along the way.

three things you should know about me


Hopeless Romantic

rom coms are my jam. And there's a good chance I have entire movies memorized. what can i say, I'm a hopeless romantic.


Native Virginian

I’m a native southern VIRginia girl and a proud graduate of james madison university!
Go dukes!


Family is Everything

Family is fun! I've got the sweetest (and funniest) husband on the block. oh, and three sweet kiddos call me mom.

My faves

In no particular order. 
1. Laughing until tears fall.
2. Being absolutely ridiculous in public for no good reason (causing laughing until tears.)
3. Macaroni and cheese (it should be a food group. )
4. Wine and some of your best girlfriends can make any day better.
5. Coffee. I'm basically useless until I've had a cup in the morning.

Why the name Harp & Olive?

Instagram is my favorite @rachaelknaak