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Nashville, TN wedding, family & lifestyle photographer

I'm Rachael! A Nashville wedding photographer + Nashville family photographer! I love capturing romantic Nashville love stories, and am always ready to travel and capture your story anywhere.  I believe in the                 of wedding days, and think that family photographs belong hanging on the walls of your             .

Let's go chasing light and scrunchy-nosed smiles for the most romantic images that tell the story of your wedding day.

You've poured your heart into making your wedding everything you dreamed of. I want to give you timeless images that last a lifetime. You know how couples want beautiful, classic wedding photos with a unique and personal experience? Yeah, we do that. 

I'm not going to just take your wedding photos and leave. I want to get to know you throughout this process. Your love story is so important to me. I will definitely cry with you on your wedding day. Oh, and if you need a dance floor hype girl, count me in.

I live with my handsome hubs and our three kiddos in Nashville, Tennessee. I survive on coffee, Jesus, and a little red wine. Target is my love language and I'm always channeling my inner Joanna Gaines.  If my husband would let me shiplap everything...I would!







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Britney, bride

very happy

my husband and I chose to use Harp & Olive for our wedding....
 Our photos were 


I am 

my husband and I chose to use

Harp & Olive for our wedding. Our photos were

She was the

absolute best!

We had a small wedding and she was great being understanding... Thank you so SO much!

Emily-Joy, bride

Rachael did an


job with my bridal portraits.

Ashlee, bride

She was easy to work with, flexible, and passionate. She was committed to making sure I had the absolute best shots to treasure for years to come.


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1. Is Timeless Yet Modern

2. Values Traditions

3. Is Equal Parts Elegance and Ease 

4. Is Marrying Her Best Friend

5. Beyond Pretty Pictures

Will start her day in Converse and end the evening laughing away in her favorite heels. Is a hopeless romantic and believes in the timeless love stories of her grandparents but equally loves modern tales beginning with a swipe right. 

Loves familiarity and believes in carrying family traditions through generations. She can't wait to share hers with her children someday. Her something old and something new are family heirlooms or precious gifts from a best friend.

Can start the day relaxing at brunch making memories with girlfriends, and move to fine dining and cocktails with a quick change and some lipstick for the evening. Is poised and confident but knows how to get down on the dance floor...and legit can't wait. 

Planning her dream wedding is a joy, but nothing compares to the excitement of spending forever with her guy. She loves his cheesey jokes, the twinkle in his eye, and the safe comfort in his arms. 

Knows that with weddings come beautiful photos, but truly wants an unforgettable experience that she didn't know she needed. Believes in the value of a printed photo to hang on the walls of her new home, and wants more than digital photos to share on social media. 

Does this sound like you?

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1. Is Timeless Yet Modern

2. Values Traditions

3. Is Equal Parts Elegance and Ease 

4. Loves Her Groom

5. Beyond Pretty Pictures