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love stories.

Nashville, TN wedding, family & lifestyle photographer

Story telling is my jam, and I can't wait to tell yours. 

I'm Rachael! I'm a wife + momma to three sweet babes, and wedding + family photographer living in Nashville, TN. I believe in the                of wedding days, and think that family photographs belong hanging on the walls of your           . My husband, Atom, and I live in our ranch-style home that we've completely renovated over the last few years. I survive on coffee, Jesus, and a little red wine (know what I'm saying?). Oh, and I have a love for Target and DIY projects and am always channeling my inner Joanna Gaines. 
If my husband would let me shiplap everything...I would!

Contact me today if you think family is everything, value building your marriage, and can't wait to get moving on the dance floor.