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Brides! Do you feel like you’re needing a wedding planning checklist? I feel like as I planned my own wedding day, I relied on them so much!  If you feel like you’re inching closer and closer to your big day and you just have no clue what else needs to be done, don’t worry. I was in your shoes once. And one of the biggest things I see asked on Facebook and Instagram is, “One month from my wedding, what am I forgetting?”

So, I decided to make you a Harp & Olive Wedding Photography wedding planning checklist for that last month before your big day! Let’s face it, there are a bajillion moving parts when it comes to planning a wedding. And unless you’ve hired yourself a month-of coordinator, or handed the reins to your mom, lots falls in your lap. That’s the fun of the big day…but for some brides, it can just feel so overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! Hopefully you’ve hired yourself an incredible team to help execute your day. And hopefully your bridesmaids are equally as helpful. But small things can still slip through the planning cracks.

Today, I’m sharing 5 can’t forget things on this checklist. But the downloadable version has FIFTEEN little things you’ll want to check off in that final month. I’m also including the web-friendly version here so you can pin it on  your Pinterest board! (Pssst! Are you following me on Pinterest yet? If not, you can here!)

Harp & Olive Nashville Wedding Photography Month of Wedding Planning Checklist

1. Mail out rehearsal dinner RSVPs

I’ll be honest, I think I completely forgot about this tip when we planned our own wedding. One month prior to your big day, you’ll need to coordinate this with your in-laws and make sure the Rehearsal Dinner invitations are mailed out. This is also a great time to nail down any rehearsal dinner details with them and the venue you’re having it at.

2. Send detailed shot list to photographer & videographer

About 2 months before your wedding day, I send my brides a detailed questionnaire to fill out all about their big day. One of the biggest things that myself (or any wedding photographer) will need is your shot list. This includes the photos that are most important to you (do you want lots of candids during getting ready? Any special photos of you and grandparents?). One of the biggest needs as part of this list is a full family formals shot list. Please, please separate these lists into bride and groom sides. And even farther, if you can separate them to the sides of your mom/dad of Bride and Groom and write everyone’s names down individually, great. This will cut down on the time and confusion that typically happens during the family formals time. And the faster these photos happen, the faster we can get you to your party!

3. Gather Details in One Bag

As you’re finalizing your final details, make sure your wedding day details are all gathered in one bag. This will help you on your wedding day in a couple of ways. First, having them all in one place will ensure you don’t forget anything day-of. Secondly, keeping them in one bag makes it easy to hand them all off to your wedding photographer during the business of your big day. A few things to keep in this wedding details bag:

    • Garters
    • Rings and ring box
    • Full addressed invitation suite
    • Earrings
    • Handkerchiefs or heirlooms

4. Marriage License

You can’t get married without it. Time to look up where to go in your town to get your marriage license. Once you’ve applied and received the piece of paper, keep it with your wedding gown to ensure this makes it to your venue.

5. Finalize Your Timeline

Make sure your timeline is finalized! Once you get this big item done, you’re bound to feel relief. I recommend sending your completed wedding day timeline to all of your bridesmaids and groomsmen, all parents, wedding coordinator, and photographer and videographer. Also, make sure your DJ/Band/Ceremony Musician has a copy of the ceremony  and reception timeline to know when to play which songs.

As you’re planning your big day, hit the Pin button on the wedding planning checklist below and make sure you don’t miss a thing!

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month to go wedding planning checklist for brides

You can download the printable version below!
Harp & Olive Weddings – One Month Checklist Printable Download

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