Sweet Downtown Nashville Pedestrian Bridge Proposal | Nashville Engagement Photographer

I am so excited each time I photograph a Nashville proposal. The scheming with the guy, best friend, or sister. I hide in secrecy so they don’t spot me too soon. Thomas & Amanda’s downtown Nashville Pedestrian Bridge proposal was no exception!

These two traveled to Nashville on Valentine’s weekend to visit with friends, and Thomas had a big surprise up his sleeve. Thomas’s sister in law first contacted me about their plans, and we all worked together to create a magical moment for Thomas & Amanda.

When you pull together a proposal, there’s some conversations that happen so that everything goes smoothly and there’s a total surprise in the end! We planned to have Thomas drop to one knee on Nashville’s iconic Pedestrian Bridge. Then, their group of friends wanted to surprise them and photo bomb some photos with Amanda being clueless.

Then, we took some group photos. When Amanda saw her friends and family arrive, she cried even more! It was SO fun to watch. Tears flowed from all the ladies, and the guys celebrated. After that, we snapped some bridge engagement photos of the two of them.

I love incorporating a small mini-engagement session during proposals. Even though the girls always cry off their makeup and worry about how they look, it gives them some photos to share with friends and family immediately. And, while we were freezing on the bridge, these two are a gorgeous couple! Their excitement to get married is so obvious!

And they celebrated the rest of the weekend with their best friends..how fun is that?

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