8 Wedding Day Gift Ideas for Grooms

As the wedding day gets closer, it’s likely you’re trying to come up with wedding day gift ideas for your groom. Do you even need to give a wedding day gift to your groom? It’s not in any wedding day rule book, but it’s a sweet, thoughtful gesture that gives him something to feel thought about before you walk down the aisle to say I do.

Being a Nashville wedding photographer, I’ve seen my fair share of different wedding day gift ideas for grooms! If you’re feeling uninspired, wanting something practical, or have no idea where to start when coming up with a gift idea for your groom…well, you’ve come to the right place!


groom gift ideas tie tack with date
1. Engraved Tie Tack. Having a tie tack engraved with your wedding date, or your groom’s initials is a wonderful idea for something he can use for years to come! I’m all about functional gift giving…something that has thought, meaning, and can be used beyond the wedding day!


2. A Watch. Probably anticipated (and one of the more often gifted grooms gifts). A watch is something your husband can still use daily after the wedding day! Many brides will get their husbands watches engraved on the back with the wedding date, his initials, or a special saying you two have that has meaning.

3. Lapel pin. Probably a slightly different idea, but these beautiful lapel pins are something unique that can add a touch to finish off a groom’s look on the wedding day.

grooms details cologne pink socks shiny black shoes
4. Cologne. The sense of smell is one of your strongest senses. Gifting your husband to be a special wedding day cologne will bring you memories of your wedding day every time he wears it! And who doesn’t want to think of their wedding day as often as possible?!

5. Monogrammed Cuff Links. Another gift idea for grooms that can be used again and again. Whether using your last name initial, or his full name initials, your husband will be able to use these for almost any formal event in the future.

6. Tie. Purchasing the tie that your groom will wear on your wedding day will give you the chance to remember the fun memories of your day every time he wears it! Trust me, this will always bring back a smile.

7. Socks. Custom socks for not only your groom as a gift, but also for the entire groomsmen party! This will allow all of the guys to match and look well put together on your wedding day.

8. Custom Shave Kit. A little outside the box on this one, but a custom grooming or shave kit is an excellent gift idea for grooms! This is something he can carry with him on the honeymoon and all other adventures the two of you take for years to come!

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