4 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner or Coordinator

Do I really need a wedding planner or coordinator?

I’ve seen it asked so many times, so I thought it’d offer a bit of advice.

The short answer: YES.

The long answer: HECK YES.

As someone who was planning her wedding not that long ago, this is easily my #1 wedding regret! Looking back, I so wish I had hired someone to handle the day-of coordination and decorating of our wedding day. Now I see the importance of hiring a wedding planner. It truly makes a difference!! It would’ve allowed my mom and I to truly enjoy our day together. Instead, my poor mom (she’s seriously the best) spent the entire day putting together centerpieces, arranging florals and decor, and making sure the tables were just right. What she didn’t get to do on my wedding day was the most important thing: spend it relaxing with me.

Now, as a Nashville wedding photographer, I’ve seen time and time again the ease that hiring a wedding planner brings to not only the bride, but the entire wedding party. Not only does it allow the mother of the bride to enjoy the day with her daughter, but it allows the bride to also sit back, sip her champagne, and know her day will go off without a hitch because someone is handling it!

Here are my top 4 reasons to hire a wedding planner

  1. Relaxation. You get to sit back and sip the bubbly, be pampered, and trust that your ceremony and reception will be perfectly put together. All you have to do is show up! Doesn’t that sound incredible?
  2. Expert Opinions. When you hire an incredible wedding planner or coordinator, you’re also getting someone who knows the wedding day and industry in and out. They’ll be able to help answer questions, direct you when you feel lost (which in wedding planning is like 90% of the time, amirite?) and offer suggestions on solutions. Unsure of which napkins to go with? Trying to figure out if you want all or short vases for the florals? Ask your planner!
  3. Keeping the day on track. As a Nashville wedding photographer, part of my job is to help make sure your wedding day is staying on track with the timeline. This is also a big help of the planner. When you hire a wedding planner, you’re having someone other than your photographer help guide your day and make sure it goes as smooth as possible.
  4. Puts the fires out. Your wedding planer will help make sure any small issues that inevitably arise on your wedding day are squashed without you even knowing! Or if you know about it, they’re quick to find the solution. They get to deal with the mess (all while you’re still sipping that champagne). They’re also there to literally light the fires…candles, that is. That way Aunt Jan isn’t lighting all 153 candles around your ceremony and reception space.

If you’re in need of suggestions for some incredible wedding planners for your day, well, you’re in luck! I’ve got several Nashville wedding planners I’d love to recommend to you!

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