5 Can’t Forget Wedding Day Details for Brides

One of my favorite parts of photographing weddings are the wedding day details. You pour your heart into every big and small detail for your wedding day. Your wedding day details will be what sets the tone and tells the story of your day. From your invitations to your grandmother’s pearls, I take great care to document these precious pieces of your wedding day.

Everything from the wording of your wedding invitations, the type of paper you chose, the colors and design – to the perfect pair of heels you’ll walk down the aisle to say I Do in…has been thought out, selected for this moment. These intricate details will be woven into the pages of your wedding album for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren to view one day. They’ll hang on your walls. And every anniversary you’ll flip through the pages of your wedding album and smile as you relive the day all over again.

Today I’m sharing some tips I give my Harp & Olive brides as they near their wedding day. Tips on the details they’ll want to make sure they have, and how to keep everything organized. (Hint: make sure ALL of your details are together in one bag when your photographer arrives!)


1. Perfume: Not only do I recommend splurge on a nice perfume for their wedding day, you’ll also want to make sure it’s set aside in your details bag for me to photograph! I love this delicate detail and having it included in your beautifully styled images will allow you to always remember that special smell.

2. Earrings: So often my brides are wearing heirloom earrings on their wedding day. Maybe they were your grandmother’s pearls, or a special pair your dad gifted your mom on their wedding day. Make sure you’ve got them gathered, and let me know if they have special meaning! (I might want to blog about it later!)

3. Invitation Suite: Remember to bring a completely addressed and stamped wedding invitation suite! These are such a big way you’ll set the tone for your wedding day and I promise you’ll want to always remember how beautiful they were (because it’s VERY likely you spent an ungodly amount of time obsessing over every inch of them!)

4. Loose Florals: Ask your florist to leave some extra floral pieces and stems from your bouquets and tablescapes. These will allow me to incorporate your flowers in the styled details I photograph, tying all the elements of your wedding day together!

black and white vow books garters and wedding shoes bow tie
5. Vow Books: Lastly, I absolutely love the new trend of vow books. What a special way to always remember the promises you’ve made to each other…especially as time passes and days get hard! Getting to document these along with the others is just an added element that we can tie in every piece of your day. From florals to vows, rings to shoes. The wedding day details tell the story of your entire wedding day.

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