Sweet Sylvan Park Nashville Engagement | Anna & Kyle Nashville Proposal

When I say I love to conspire for proposals…I mean, I LOVE TO CONSPIRE FOR PROPOSALS. Give me a Nashville engagement any day and my heart is happy! Anna’s sister messaged me on Instagram searching for a photographer for her sister’s proposal. So, this time, I got to conspire with Emily and Kyle to make it the perfect engagement photographer and I was SO excited to work with them.

Kyle laid it out…he and Anna had just bought an adorable house in the Sylvan Park area of Nashville. This will be their new home, soon, and he wanted their first memory of their new home to be a big one. A pop the question, put a ring on it in the front yard kind of big one. Being a Nashville engagement photographer, I’ve documented proposals plenty of times (remember this gorgeous Arrington Vineyards proposal?). But the meaning behind this one was just so special.

Then, the weather decided to throw us a curveball on the day of. I watched the radar like the mini-meteorologist and we decided to move up the proposal an hour. We schemed and Kyle was able to get Anna ready to head to dinner earlier than planned. But not before stopping at their new house to check on some work, first. I hid across the street with my husband as we watched them approach their home. They walked into the front yard and began towards the front door.

I approached the house and tried my best to be inconspicuous as possible as Kyle nervously got down on one knee. To Anna’s complete surprise, she cried tears of absolute joy looking at Kyle asking her to be his wife. And the tears didn’t stop! You see, Kyle had even more planned in their back yard. When I say this was one amazingly sentimental proposal, I mean it!

Kyle led his bride-to-be to the backyard and surprised her with the most adorable picnic setup. Complete with charcuterie, photos of their relationship, and a couple of glasses of champagne to celebrate. Then, we did a mini engagement session to document their love story and the beginning of a new chapter for them! Sylvan Park is the perfect little neighborhood and I loved exploring the streets with them!

The final surprise for Anna’s proposal was both of their families waiting right around the corner ready to shower them with hugs and love(siblings and all!)! The tears flowed again as the rain began to come down, and we ended their most perfect backyard picnic proposal with photos of their families.

Anna & Kyle, congratulations again!! I am SO happy for the two of you!


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