5 Wedding Gift Ideas for Brides From the Groom

Listen up, grooms! This post is for you! Wedding day gift ideas for brides from the groom may feel overwhelming. After all, you want it to feel thought out, meaningful, and if you’re like my husband, useful. Something she can use more than once.

While you’ve probably been fairly hands-off during the wedding planning process, I promise you don’t want to be hands off choosing this gift. And it may not feel important to you, but it is to her. You see, she’ll feel so thought of, so loved right before she sees you as her husband. It’s a small way to let her know you’re thinking of her as you each get ready on your day with your guys and girls. Plus, she’s definitely going to be getting you something, too. And nobody wants to show up empty handed!

As a Nashville wedding photographer, I’ve seen lots of thoughtful and sweet gift ideas over the years. So, while some of these ideas are ones I’ve seen, others are ones that I think are very thoughtful and would be appreciated.


groom in navy tux and bride paint on their custom wedding painting together

1. Hire a Live Painter for Your Ceremony or Reception

Okay, Justin took it to another level with this amazing wedding gift for his bride! And what an incredible keepsake for both the bride and groom! Hiring a live painter for your wedding will never go out of style and will forever be my favorite gift. You guys, you get a custom piece of artwork for your home with this one! And dudes, you’ll look like the hero. I promise, you won’t go wrong with this gift!

2. Scrapbook of your time together.

This was probably the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever seen a groom give! He printed and placed in an album nearly all of the photos the two of them had taken over the years. The book was full to the brim of their photos. And Hannah’s reaction, well, let’s just say the tears were flowing!

2. Wedding Jacket.

I am LOVING the trend of custom jean or leather jackets for brides to wear on their wedding day! This is so unique, and would make an amazing gift! Trust me, guys…she’ll love this one!

3. Wedding Day Earrings.

Always classic, never goes out of style. Something she’ll likely cry over. Purchasing her wedding day earrings will give her a piece of jewelry for life. And, bonus, your bride will always think of you as she puts them on.

4. New Perfume

So, this one I love, but also recommend having some of her input (or maybe a sister) on. Choosing a wedding day perfume will allow her to always think of your wedding day when she wears it. Plus, wedding photographers love photographing the perfume on wedding days!
white custom wedding converses with wedding date

5. Custom, monogrammed Converse.

If your bride-to-be is more casual, then custom Converse sneakers with your last name or wedding date on them are amazing! Plus, there is a high probability she’ll want a pair of shoes to change into for the reception! (Because if we’re being honest here…wedding heels are pretty, but goodness they’re not comfortable after 5 hours!).

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