How to Flock A Christmas Tree | DIY Christmas Tree Flocking

I love flocked Christmas trees. Which is actually something I never thought I’d say! I’ve always been a traditionalist. At the end of last year’s Christmas holiday, my husband was fed up with our old Christmas tree and refused to allow it to hang around another year.

You guys, I loved that tree. It was 9ft and beautiful, but the pre-lit lights were all dead on it and it needed the good ol’ heave-ho. So, Black Friday this year I looked online for a flocked Christmas tree but found them sold out EVERYWHERE. Seriously. And let’s be real, the price tag on the ones that were available was hefty and I refuse to spend that much.

We took a trip to Lowes and found a pretty awesome 7.5ft tree on sale the day after Black Friday. While we were still in the store, I headed over to my good pal Amazon and ordered a 5lb box of flocking material.

Guys, they shipped it before we even left the store!

Since I shared my flocking adventures over on my Instagram stories, I had TONS of messages asking how I did it! So, today I’m sharing my flocking adventures.


Christmas tree
5lbs of flocking material
spray bottle
sifter (the kind you use for flour)
1c measuring cup
trash bags

Warning: this does get messy. If you’re able to at all, I’d recommend doing this outside. If it’s too cold you can definitely do this inside, but beware…you’ll be cleaning up powder for days.

My tree comes in three pieces, and I flocked mine in three separate sections beginning with the bottom and building to the top.

First, I fluffed and then sprayed all of the bare branches lightly with water.

Then I used a measuring cup to put the flocking powder into the strainer and then you shake the powder over the section of branches you’ve wet. The water acts as a bonding agent and also helps the powder to harden.

As you shake the sifter and the powder, continue to spray the water at the same time in the direction the flocking powder is falling to continue to help it adhere. You can put as much or as little powder as you want. I prefer the heavily flocked look, so I used quite a bit! If you pour the powder from the top onto the branches, it’ll give you the heavier, thicker snow covered look, also.

And there you have it! Spray over with water once more after you’ve finished. Allow anywhere from 6-72 hours of drying and setting time before you add anymore lights or decorate.


  1. You did such a great job!! I didn’t even know this was a thing until I saw your post. It’s beautiful. Very inspiring. 🙂


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