Favorite 2019 Wedding Cake Trends

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Let’s talk about cake. I’m pretty sure this is a discussion we can alllll get behind…amirite? And today I’m diving into the top 4 2019 wedding cake trends you can expect to see!

One of my favorite details to seek out on a wedding day is the cake. I LOVE seeing what my couples chose as a representation of themselves. Is it big? Is it simple? Is it naked? *Yes, these are a thing….I had a naked wedding cake, myself!*

2019 Weddings will be full of fun trends, and I’m sharing my favorite ones you will probably see throughout the year!

1. Gold
First, be ready to see more gold on wedding cakes this year! I absolutely love this trend. GIMME ALL THE GOLD ACCENTS, YOU GUYS. Gold drips, gold foil leafs, gold accents. Expect to see them all!

2. Donuts!
Who couldn’t get behind this trend? Glazed, strawberry filled, chocolate covered, you can serve donuts at your wedding and your guests will talk about it for years! Some brides serve theirs on a huge donut wall made out of peg board. Others have a donut tier made and serve it more like a cake. Whichever you choose, know you don’t have to go the traditional cake route!

3. Greenery
While greenery isn’t a new trend necessarily, expect to see less eucalyptus and more ferns being used on wedding cakes. I love the clean, classic look that greenery on a simple cake gives. Classic and understated.

4. Marble
Lastly, be ready to see marble cakes! I love the marble cake trend, and have seen it in both white and black versions…and love both! They offer elegance, simplicity, and a bit of an upscale feel. Again, this isn’t an entirely new trend, but I do anticipate seeing even more in 2019 than years past.

Tell me, which 2019 wedding cake trends are you excited for?

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