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Psssst. Hey grooms! You’re one half of the wedding day couple! And yeah, you get overlooked a lot, but today I’m sharing 5 wedding day tips for grooms! Here’s how you can help ease your bride-to-be in the wedding planning process, AND how you can help your wedding day be everything you’ve both dreamed of!

5 Wedding Tips for Grooms

1. Have an opinion! YES. Brides really DO want to know your thoughts during the planning stages. When she asks which invitation looks best, or which calligraphy or flower you think would be better, don’t say, ‘I don’t care’. You might not, and you might think it’s her day…but here’s the thing. She’s asking you because she genuinely wants you to be included in the decision making process! So, entice her and answer her silly questions about napkins and place settings. This is probably my most emphasized wedding day tips for grooms.

2. Rest the night before. I know it’ll be tempting to join all of your groomsmen at the after party following your rehearsal dinner. And there’s nothing wrong with it! But, your bride-to-be has spent months planning your big day. She wants you rested, without puffy eyes, and not severely hungover on your wedding day. Make sure you’re in bed by midnight.

3. Gather your own belongings. Your bride-to-be will be busy making sure every shoe, detail, envelope, garter…you get the idea…are all together. The least you can do is make sure your own suit, cologne, socks, shoes, and any other details you need are together. Take this one off her to-do list.

4. Keep your guys in line. I know it’s likely you’re getting to be around your college buddies and brothers for the first time in a while. Your instinct is to party it up, but do your best to make sure your groomsmen aren’t staggering down the aisle and swaying through the ceremony. I’m all for a good time, but bloodshot or half open eyes in wedding photos does no one good. And the bride is likely to be angry with you, not the groomsman who cut his suit pants before the ceremony for funsies (I’ve heard horror stories, yall).

5. Be thoughtful. Write the vows in the vow book she’s given you. Make sure you have a card and gift to give her. Send her some of her favorite candy or flowers in the bridal suite. Do a little something extra to let your beloved know you’re thinking of her as you’re preparing to take the walk down the aisle! She will never, ever forget it.

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