4 Ways Your Bridesmaids Can Help on Your Wedding Day

nashville wedding photographer bridesmaids at Union Station downtown nashville wedding photographyToday I’m sharing my 4 best ways your bridesmaids can help on your wedding day. Let’s be real…having your best friends by your side on your wedding day is arguably one of the best parts of the day. However, being a Nashville wedding photographer, I see so many opportunities to give this big group of best friends opportunities to help you during your day! This allows you the chance to sit back, sip the bubbly, and soak it in.

Now, this list is only meant to help keep your day flowing beautifully. And isn’t that every brides dream?

1. Your Wedding Day Details Bag

Make sure your wedding day details (invitation, shoes, jewelry, perfume) is gathered and in a separate bag. Be sure to let your MOH or bridesmaid know where the bag is! So often, I arrive and the bride is busy in hair and makeup but still have to get up to get the bag. Let your ladies take care of this!

2. Cut off Tags on Bridesmaids Dresses

Again, the night before your big day, assign a bridesmaid to cut off all the tags on dresses. You’re busy, you’re soaking in the moment on your wedding day. The last thing you’ll want to do is search for a pair of scissors to cut tags when you should be sipping a mimosa!

3. Declutter the Room Before the Photographer Arrives

Okay, hear me out. This one right here is the biggest tip. Ask a bridesmaid or your MOH to be in charge of keeping your getting ready suite clutter free. Push all bags, bottles, cups, and boxes to one corner. Make sure as much trash is thrown away as possible. This will save your photographer so much time! Plus, us photographers really don’t like to be the one moving your purses or messing up your bags. Having a clean background makes a world of difference in your final images.

4. Extra tissues!

Ask your MOH to have extra tissues on hand for those happy tears! Make sure she sneaks a few down the aisle..just in case!!

It takes so many vendors, family and friends to ensure a beautiful wedding day. And sometimes asking for help can be difficult when you don’t know what to ask for! Hopefully this list comes in handy! If you love this, check out this stunning Classic Downtown Nashville wedding! Are you still searching for your Nashville wedding photographer or destination wedding photographer? I’d love to chat with you about your day!

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