Nashville Wedding Photography | My Top 5 Favorite Photos of 2016

Wow. Can you believe that 2016 is coming to an end? Me either! This year has absolutely flown by, and I feel so incredibly BLESSED to have been able to not only start Harp & Olive this year, but to have seen it grow so much. Speaking of growth, I’ve grown as well. Behind the scenes, I’ve taken more webinars and studied more business plans than I did in college. The growth of this business is so important to me, and being able to not only establish myself in a very saturated Nashville photography market, but push myself and grow creatively is SO important to me. I am beyond grateful for each and every client I’ve met this year, for the creatives that have and continue to inspire and believe in me {looking at you Whitney Fletcher Photography & Rachel with Along With You Video!}. Taking the leap of faith this year into the Nashville Wedding Photography & Wedding Videography scene was frightening. It was something I’d contemplated for years, and with the not-so-gentle push from my husband, I can say it was one of the most invigorating and challenging steps I’ve taken in a while {thanks, husband!}.

I wanted to share with you all my top 5 favorite photos that I captured this year. I cannot wait to see what exciting opportunities 2017 bring to my small business!

5. I love this shot of the bridesmaids at Shane + Ashley’s Union Station ceremony. Their chic black dresses, fun shoes, and friendship shined through the entire day.

4. This baby girl will probably always make my favorites list – because she’s mine! Harper, thanks for being so photogenic, and I’m sorry that you’ll always be my test subject. Love, mom. Edit_IMG_3690


3. Oh, how I love the bridal suite at Meadow Hill Farm. These gorgeous bouquets and this shot from Mallory + Joseph‘s August ceremony is absolutely one of my faves!Nashville Wedding Photography

2. This image was the second most liked photo I had on my Instagram account this year! And I definitely know why. {And while you’re at it, give me a follow!}  The skies were gray for Michael + Krista’s Owen Farm wedding, but it made for one epic photo.



1.  And my numero uno, hands down favorite image I captured this year came from Aldo + Jenny’s proposal. This ring and the frost still on the leaves from the early morning December shoot were just perfection. 



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