And Baby Makes Five | We’re Growing Our Family (Again!)

Surprise! We’re expecting! I am so excited to write this blog post and share the news that our little Knaak Party of 4 will become a Party of 5 this spring!

We knew we wanted another baby, and God has been so faithful to us. Back in August, I began feeling a little off and suspected what may be the cause. My husband, Atom, immediately knew it, too. When we got that positive pregnancy test (in a record minute and a half) we were ecstatic, elated…and then extremely nervous. This means that it’s no more man-to-man coverage in our home. With three kids comes more defensive parenting. With three kids also comes another round of home renovations! Remember the time we spent 6 months totally gutting and renoing our home while I was pregnant with Harper? I shared some tips from that experience here! Well, we’re 6 months in again with the latest project and FINALLY beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel (I’ll be sharing photos of the newest project — a 4th bedroom/bathroom master suite, soon!).

I am so excited to welcome this sweet baby boy (yes, another boy!) in May, and loved getting to capture some perfect Christmas photos announcing our newest blessing with our two oldest kiddos! True life lens: Harper cried over wanting cookies, and Riley tried his best to wrangle his sister.



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