Alexandria + Taylor First Anniversary | Nashville Wedding Photographer

First anniversaries are such a huge milestone for any couple. I was so excited when Taylor and Alexandria agreed to have a session with me to celebrate theirs! The first year of marriage you get really used to each other; the quirks, the arguments, the weird way your partner snores. Celebrating the first year is so important. It allows you to reflect on so many lessons learned in just 365 short days. It also allows you to remember the vows you said to one another on that wedding day.

These two are our next door neighbors, and goodness we couldn’t have asked for a better couple to have next door. Taylor and Alexandria moved next door at the beginning of this year and we’ve loved getting to know them. They’re so fun and adore our kids. They are the kind of neighbors that you can sit on the porch with or call if you need butter for a recipe. Which has happened a time or two.

I wanted to help them celebrate their first anniversary, the addition of two dogs, buying their first home, and coming out 365 days stronger than when they married. Happy Anniversary, Taylor + Alexandria!


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